IGU Toledo 2010

Local Food Systems in Old Industrial Regions: Challenges and Opportunities

Toledo, Ohio USA — August 3-7, 2010

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Local Food Systems

IGU Commission on the Dynamics of Economic Spaces
Chair: Professor Michael Taylor, Department of Geography, University of Birmingham, UK
Vice Chair: Dr. Neil Reid, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toledo, USA

Note: click here for information about important dates for registration, submission of abstracts, and submission of final papers.

In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in the topic of local food systems. This heightened interest can be found among policy makers, planners, public health professionals, environmentalists, community developers, academics, farmers and ordinary citizens. While there are common characteristics that most local food systems share the purpose of this conference is to explore the unique challenges and opportunities associated with local food systems located within old industrial regions.

The conference aims to bring together both academics and practitioners to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise with regard to developing and maintaining local food systems in old industrial regions. While this conference is sponsored by the International Geographical Union we are particularly interested in participation from individuals in a variety of academic disciplines (including, but not limited to, geography, planning, public policy, public health, environmental science, horticulture, women and gender studies, sociology, anthropology, and economics.)

Click here for details about the conference program, including the keynote presentation by Dr. Mike Score of Hantz Farms.

We invite contributions to the conference on the following topics:

± Definitions of local food
± Structure and nature of supply chains/dominant
  and alternative
± Implications of local food systems for family,
  neighborhood, urban, and regional economies
± Food safety and security
± Individual and public health issues
± Environmental impact of local food systems
± Issues surrounding environmental justice
± Equity, access, and social justice issues
± Impact of local, national, and international
  policies on local food systems
± Best practices and success stories
± Issues associated with access to finance, trade
  credit and contractual inequalities/limitations

Please note that the above topic list is not exhaustive. We invite any contribution that fits with the general theme of the conference.

IGU Conference Toledo 2010

Conference Sponsors:
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