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The Economic Value of the Toledo Public School System

Dr. Neil Reid, UAC Director, and Dr. Oleg Smirnov, Dept. of Economics, have completed an analysis of the Return on Investment and economic value of the Toledo Public School System. TPS, the largest school district in Lucas County and the fifth-largest district on Ohio, has an annual budget in excess of $400 million. It is one of the most valuable public enterprises in Lucas County with a economic footprint that spreads beyond the city limits in the wider local economy. From the Executive Summary:

Altogether, for every dollar of locally-funded public education, the economy receives between $4 and %5.60.

Read the full report here.

Trending Now ...

by Neil Reid, UAC Director

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Trending Now, a publication of The Urban Affairs Center at the University of Toledo. Three to four times a year, we will bring you what we consider to be cutting edge developments in the area of economic development and growth. Each issue will have a thematic focus and will cover an industry or an economic trend that we believe is new, exciting, and trending. Whatever the topic Trending Now will cover it from a variety of perspectives — national, regional, and local.

The focus of this first issue is America’s burgeoning craft beer industry. Commercial production of craft beer in one of America’s fastest growing industries.

>> Read the first issue of Trending Now

UAC Policy Points

DateRelated Study
January 2012 A State Of Inequity In Ohio: "Funding and Service Disparities between Municipalities and Townships in Two Ohio Counties".

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Toledo-Lucas County Public Library: Economic Value and Return on Investment

TLCPL ROI The UAC and Toledo-Lucas County Public Library (TLCPL) jointly initiated a study to determine the economic impact and the return on investment (ROI) of the Libary on northwest Ohio. According to the Executive Summary from the study, TLCPL provides 2.86 Return on Investment (i.e., for every $1 spent, the Library returns $2.86), and the economic value of public services provided by TLCPL in 2011 is placed in the range of $118M to $136M per year.

Read the full report and the appendix.

“A State of Inequity in Ohio”

Funding and Service Disparities between Municipalities and Townships in Montgomery County, Ohio

The Greater Dayton Mayors and Managers Association asked UAC to examine the issue of service and tax equity in Montgomery County. How is it that Montgomery County townships are able to provide services without taxing the incomes of their residents? The study considered the following questions:

  • Are the County's incorporated areas (cities and villages) paying for the costs of County services delivered to the unincorporated areas (townships) and then paying again for the same services for their own residents?
  • Are current policies and practices, as historically developed, serving as a vehicle for the reallocation of public resources, economic opportunity, wealth, and population from cities to unincorporated areas?
  • Are there hidden subsidies for people and businesses locating in unincorporated areas?
  • Is there a financial penalty for living in a City or Village?

This study was discussed on Saturday, December 10, 2011 by the Dayton Daily News.

»» Click here to read the entire study.

For comparison, UAC completed a similar analysis of the fiscal impact of public service delivery practices in Lucas County in 2002. UAC is currently updating this study with new data.

Ohio's Food Systems — Farms At the Heart of It All

UAC commissioned a study of Ohio's food system by Ken Meter of Crossroads Resource Center, a non-profit organization that works with communities and their allies to foster democracy and local self-determination. From the study's Options for Action:

This study has found that the prevailing food system in Ohio has failed to build health, wealth, connection and capacity in Ohio communities to the extent that Ohioans deserve. Indeed, the food system often frustrates these purposes.

In response, residents are actively building community-based networks that include clusters of food businesses, with supportive social connections, popular organizations, and policy inititives, that strive toward a better future for Ohio.

» Click here to read the study's full report «
» Click here to read the study's Executive Summary «

[This study was funded by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.]

Potential Participation in an On-Campus Local Foods Buying Club

In recent years, the interest in purchasing locally grown foods has been on the rise, and Toledo has been no exception to this trend. The idea of buying local, on the surface, is one that is easy to support. In an era where the majority of food products are produced on large scale farms, sent to centralized processors, packagers, and distributors, and sold at large chain retailers, some consumers are daunted by the real or perceived increases in cost and decreases in convenience. We conducted a survey of UT faculty and staff to learn more about the potential for a buying club on campus that would allow participants to purchase local foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and eggs, directly from producers and have them delivered to their workplace. Read the survey's final report.

UAC Publications Archive

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Title Author(s) Year Link
A Comparison of Growth Rates of Firms With and Without Tax AbatementsRandall, Martin1999Link
A Consideration of the Costs vs. Benefits of Distributing Water to Fulton CountyLeSage, Conin1996Link
A Descriptive Study of Information Technology Needs in Toledo Area Businesses and ProfessionsFritz, McGuire2005Link
An Assessment of the Former Libbey High School Neighborhood: Jobs, Education and RecreationEckert2012Link
An Evaluation of "Ohio Works First" as Implemented in Lucas County, OhioCluse-Tolar, Jennings, Twitchell2003Link
A spatial examination of Ohio's economic growthLeSage, Randall2000Link
Analysis of the Fiscal Impact of Public Service Delivery Practices in Lucas County, OhioHinton, Beazley2002Link
Arrowhead Park: An UpdateLeSage1998Link
Brownfield Redevelopment: A Resource Guide for Toledo and Other Ohio Governments, Developers, and CommunitiesMcCarthy2001Link
Business Tax Revenue in the Toledo AreaKozlowski2005Link
City of Toledo Payroll Tax RevenueKozlowski, McGuire2000Link
City of Toledo Payroll Tax Revenue UpdateKozlowski, McGuire2001Link
City of Toledo Total Tax Revenue Forecast for 2001Kozlowski2001Link
Economic and Employment Analysis of Toledo MSAUAC1998Link
Economic Consequences of Structural Changes in the Financial Industry in Northwest OhioKozlowski2003Link
Enterprise Toledo (HTML and PowerPoint)Wuest2001Link
Futurology as Further Ideology: Reflections on Pryor's Millennial Survey of EconomistsMcGuire2000Link
Growth, Movement, and Decline of Central-City and Suburban Manufacturing FirmsRandall, Martin1997Link
Impact of Economic Development Programs: Lessons from Six Ohio CitiesBachelor1996Link
The Impact of The "New" University of Toledo on Ohio's EconomyCarroll, Reid, Wuest2006Link
Industrial Retention & Expansion SurveyReid, Boezi, Wuest, Allen, Bielen1997Link
The Information Technology Industry in the State of Ohio and its Regions: 1989-2000UUP2000Link
Neighborhood Commercial DevelopmentUAC1998Link
The Ohio Economy (a joint publication of the UAC and the College of Business)UAC, COB1999-2001Link
Test of the Urbanization Lag of China and Its Cost in EmploymentChang2001Link
Toledo's Example: Mini-Muni OptionsMcGuire2000Link
Toledo-Lucas County Merchant StudyAjilore2004Link
Toledo Income Tax Revenue: Forecast 2002Kozlowski, McGuire2002Link
Toledo Income Tax Revenue: March 2002 UpdateKozlowski2002Link
Toledo Income Tax Revenue: Forecast 2003Kozlowski, McGuire2003Link
Toledo Income Tax Revenue: Forecast 2003 UpdateKozlowski2003Link
Toledo Income Tax Revenue: Forecast 2004Kozlowski, McGuire2004Link
Toledo Income Tax Revenue: Forecast 2005Kozlowski, McGuire2005Link
Toledo Income Tax Revenue: Forecast 2006Kozlowski2005Link
Using Cluster-Based Economic Development to Enhance the Economic Competitiveness of Northwest Ohio's Greenhouse IndustryCarroll, Reid2006Link
Using Matrix Exponentials to Explore Spatial Structure in Regression RelationshipsLeSage, Pace2000Link
Using Public Policy Making to Lock-in an Industry Structure: Social Construction of the Electric Utility IndustryMcGuire, Granovetter2000Link
Where Will the Next Jobs Be?; A Study of the Context of Occupations in Northwest OhioDwyer, Boden2002Link
Wind Energy Electrical Power Generation: The Life Cycle of a Radical InnovationDismukes, Miller, Jagani, Bers, Dubrovenski, Jennings2006Link
A Census of Public Computing in Toledo OhioAlkalimat, Williams2002Link
A Status Report on Educational Attainment of People of Color in Two Ohio CitiesWilson, Erkins2005Link
Assessing Charter School SuccessOpp, Hamer, Beltyukova2001Link
Brain Drain in Ohio; Observations and SummariesJohnston, McGuire, Saevig2006Link
Center City, Center of Learning and Earning?Katsinas, McGuire2001Link
Center City, Center of Learning and Earning? (Contents)Katsinas, McGuire2001Link
City Schools and Natural Areas: A Case Study of Teachers using Natural Areas on School Grounds ...Rop2004Link
Close to Home; A Review of the Literature on Learning in schoolyards and nearby natural settings, 1980 to the presentRop2004Link
The Education of Hispanic/Latino Students in ToledoEdwards, McGuire, Morales2002Link
High School Graduation and Brain Drain; Survey Results and Insights from the Toledo Metropolitan AreaMcGuire, Besch, Lippert, Montor, Mosley, Hardy-Johnson2007Link
Learning Relationships: Improving Achievement in Public High SchoolVeh, Johnston2003Link
Race, Income, And Test Scores: A Structural Model of the Determinants of Test Scores in Toledo Elementary SchoolsWilson, Martin1997Link
Student Perceptions of Classroom Environment and Attitudes Toward Teaching and Learning in East Toledo Junior HighBeltyukova, Fox, Zhang2006Link
TAPESTRIES: A Successful Elementary Science Curriculum in Metropolitan ToledoCzerniak, Beltyukova2003Link
UT University College Student Recruitment SurveyMcGuire, Fox, Ogawa2002Link
Market Survey of University of Toledo Faculty and Staff Regarding Potential Participation in an On-Campus Local Foods Buying ClubBoardley, Eckert, Ross, Hallsy2010Link
An Analysis of Projected Financial Impacts of a Possible Sylvania Township—City of Sylvania MergerHinton, Bachelor2007Link
Are We Making A Change?: The Data and Research Needs of Toledo Area Non-Profit OrganizationsStoecker2004Link
CDBG Study - City of Toledo: Executive SummaryAustin, Johnston, Wuest2003Link
CDBG Study - City of Toledo: Full ReportAustin, Johnston, Wuest2003Link
Community Based RestructuringIndegaard1996Link
Cost-Effectiveness of Selected PRC Programs of the Lucas County Department of Job and Family ServicesStoecker2002Link
Crossing the Development-Organizing Divide: A Report on the Toledo Community Organizing Training ...Stoecker2001Link
The Development of CATNeTStuber1997Link
Domestic Violence: Court Case Conviction and Recidivism in ToledoDavis, Ventura2004Link
Effect of CCA Treated Utility Poles on the Urban Environment In Toledo OhioAbraham, Jarden2004Link
The Ford Plan 2002UAC2002Link
The Greater Findlay Community PlanPartners for Innovation, UAC2006Link
The Impact of Using Market-Value to Replacement-Cost Ratios on Housing Insurance in Toledo NeighborhoodsMartin, Randall1999Link
Implementation of On-Site Enhanced Wastewater Treatment Systems in ToledoKim2004Link
Limited Access: The Information Superhighway And Ohio's Neighborhood-Based OrganizationsStoecker, Stuber1997Link
Local Smart Growth Study Preliminary ResultsUAC2001Link
Lucas County Community Satisfaction SurveyHaase, Mirzoyants, Rice, Wuest2009Link
Lumpy Stew - Toledo's Ethnic NeighborhoodsUAC2002Link
Managing ChangeUAC2001Link
Old West End Renascence Community Planning Charrette: Vision 1UAC2002Link
Old West End Renascence Community Planning Charrette: Vision 2UAC2002Link
Old West End Renascence Community Planning Charrette: Vision 3UAC2002Link
Patterns in Accessibility to Hospital Services in OhioLindquist, Muraco, Edwards2000Link
Preliminary Results of the local Smart Growth SurveyUAC2001Link
Reflections on Collaborative Responses to Domestic ViolenceHeberle2000Link
Remembering the Good Old Days Can Improve the Quality of Life of Senior AdultsTatchell, Jordan2004Link
Richfield TownshipUAC2001Link
Smart Growth Survey of Residents of NW Ohio and SE MichiganCoventry, Johnston, Wuest2002Link
Social Capital and Cyberpower in the African American CommunityAlkalimat2000Link
Social Cyberpower in the Everyday Life of an African American CommunityAlkalimat, Williams2004Link
The State of Hispanics/Latino/as in Lucas County and its SurroundsStoecker, Wuest, Rice2006Link
Access to Recourse: An Exploratory Study Seeking to Understand the Workings of the Lucas County Court System and Barriers to its UseDavis, Fox, McGuire2004Link
Transportation Information StudyUAC2001Link
UUP Health Care Study (Text)Lindquist, Edwards2000Link
UUP Health Care Study (Figures)Lindquist, Edwards2000Link
Local Government Reform and CollaborationMirzoyants, Rice, Reid, Ross, Wuest2009Link

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