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This page offers links to many useful data resources on the web. UAC encourages the UT community to consult these resources as a part of their research.

US Census 2010 Data

US 2010 Census data is now being released. The Census Bureau offers interactive frames that display data for Ohio and it's counties, as well as for the entire U.S.

Additional US Census 2010 Links:

American Factfinder 2 Saved Queries

The Factfinder 2 web site can load queries for repeated use. Click here to download a file that can be used to generate a 2010 population table for Lucas County and it's areas: save it to your hard drive, then use the LOAD QUERY button on the bottom-left of the Factfinder 2 home page to load the saved file and generate the table in your browser.

Online Data Sources

US Census Bureau Other Data Sites
Local National

American Factfinder
The updated resource for 2010 US Census data

Census tract outline maps

US Census Population Estimates

Selected Historical Decennial Census Population and Housing Counts

American Community Survey
The American Community Survey includes data and profiles for NW Ohio (a nationwide survey from the US Census Bureau providing a wide range of nationwide demographic tables, change profiles, and rankings)

State and Metropolitan Area Data Book
The 1,500+ data items for the United States, states, counties, and metropolitan areas draw on the 2005 estimated censuses of population and housing estimates. View the entire 10.2 MB document or view selected areas like the State data tables, Metropolitan and micropolitan area data tables, and the Ranking tables.

Additional US Census links