US Census: Ohio & Local Demographic Data

The Urban Affairs Center is pleased to provide demographic data from the US Census Bureau for the years 1990 and 2000. This data is available for viewing in your web browser (in HTML format) or for download and import into any program than can read a comma separated value (CSV) format.

This data was downloaded from the US Census Bureau's American Factfinder for the following areas: the State of Ohio; the counties of Fulton, Lucas, and Wood, as well as the places within these counties; and all the MSA's (Metropolitan Statistical Areas) of Ohio. The files are "Quick Tables" extracted from the 1990 Summary Tape Files 1 and 3 and 2000 Census Summary Files 1 and 3, each containing social, economic, population, and housing data.

You can request the data you wish to view and/or download from the table below. Select a Year, an Area, a Table Type*, and a Format, and then click the "Select Data Table" button. "HTML" format files will display in your web browser; "CSV" format files should prompt you for a location to save the file on your computer system.

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YearArea Table Type*Data Format


* Please review the types of data contained in each census file table type here before you make your selections.