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UT Urban Affairs Center: Myron Orfield & "Finding Common Ground in Northwest Ohio"

Myron Orfield, a former State Senator from Minnesota as well as founder and President of Ameregis, gave a presentation titled "Finding Common Ground in Northwest Ohio" at the McMaster Conference Center at the Main Branch of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library on June 19, 2001. Video recordings of Mr. Orfield's presentation and the introductory speakers can be viewed from the following links:

More detailed information about the presentation can be found here.

The author of Metropolitics and numerous articles on sprawl and regional cooperation, Mr. Orfield is the former Special Assistant Attorney General of Minnesota, and is now an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota Law School. In 1990, he was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives from a district in southwest Minneapolis and was reelected in 1996 by the largest vote margin of any member of the Minnesota House with a contested race. Since 1995, he has directed the Metropolitan Area Program of the National Growth Management Leadership Project. In 2000, Orfield was elected to the Minnesota State Senate.